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Building Your Own Fine Art Collection

In order to become an art collector there are a few simple tricks to keep in mind. The most important is it requires the desire to own, research, chase down, and buy for the love of art. This can be a very engaging and fulfilling leisure activity and anyone can be an art collector. Here is a short guide and some tips to get you started.First of all research artists and art history periods that strike your interest, and be honest with your tastes- it’s important to collect pieces that you personally like and reflect your tastes and identity. This is your art collection, make it yours and not somebody else’s. You can do online searches, art bookstores, go to local museums or galleries, museums usually have educational workshops people can attend for art history lectures.

Give yourself a budget. You may be at first driven by your instinctive likes, but if the piece you have your heart set on is super expensive and this is not in your budget- don’t give up, there are so many other optionsYou can visit art festivals, galleries, dealerships, artist studios, art fairs, art auctions. For more information on events you can visit sites like which tailor to your artistic interests and let you know of artists or events happening in your area.Once you find a piece you like, it may be helpful to ask around and talk with people like art consultants, art dealers, other art collectors to help you with your research with any doubts you may have (such as the authenticity, the price range, the worth of an art piece)Then, make sure the art is suitable in your home, that you have a place to put it either in view or in storage. There’s nothing worse than buying a piece you love and not giving it the space it needs to be viewed.Finally, document your art piece and put it in file, you never know when you might need proof of purchase and ownership. Make sure to include a photograph, name of artist, title of work, provenance (previous owners, where it came from), proof of authenticity, year created, where you bought it from, or any other information that could be relevant for the artwork.

Don’t forget that once settled in your home, take a step back, appreciate and enjoy the art piece. Know that you have a one of a kind work and it is all yours, for your pleasure, and that the thrill of the chase was worth it.For future collecting and expanding on your collection you can start thinking about what specific element it is you like about your art piece, and try looking for this in your art collecting research. This way when you build up your collection not only will you have art that you enjoy, but your artworks will start creating links to one another, and in this sense will be a collection with a common theme.Remember it’s essential that you buy art you enjoy and have fun!